Canto III

Small as a seed, but growing day by day,
not much to prove your current human form
distinct from all the catalogued array

of faunal embryos, from mindless worms
to mega brained and devious octopi
all creatures look the same during this term–

the post blastocyst phase of early life.
Right now, your tadpole frame contains three layers:
The endoderm will come to give me grief–

responsible for what shoots from your arse–
becoming lungs, intestines, thyroid gland,
the liver, bladder and the pancreas.

The heart that some say haggles with the mind
will launch into your life’s tempo this week
and from that mesodermic layer we’ll find

what separates the bullish from the meek,
for counter punching bullies in pre-school,
or running for your life if that don't work.

but for the game of life, the major tool
that’s soon to unfurl from the ectoderm
alongside all the hard stuff, enamel,

the skin that lends your personhood a frame,
the hair, the nails for superficial gloss,
all pale before the forming human brain,

the most complex in the known universe
the true home of the self that you’ll become
and though paternally you may be cursed,

let’s hope you get your smartness from your Mum.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. peter litton
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 01:03:03

    The reason most people avoid poetry is because it is such bloody hard work. Now I’ve got to google blastocyst and endoderm for a quick biology lesson and then look beyond the biology for deeper meanings. Wouldn’t be easier to watch junk TV?


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