Canto XXIV

Despite the fact that I can’t understand
the Spanish girls that chatter one seat down,
it isn’t a challenge to comprehend

they’re spewing vacuous shite. Perhaps their tone
is similar to what you might pick up
within the confines of a hair salon.

They’ll waffle on until the final stop,
two hours of prattle in another tongue,
and in that time I’m sure to throw a strop—

harrumph out loud or cough up half a lung;
or drop a few f-bombs under my breath.
And if they cackle, I’ll have to stay strong

resist the urge to club them both to death
with the blunt end of their own severed arms,
then slump and take a deep, contented breath.

But who knows?  Maybe they speak of the charms
Of Boolean algebra, or hotly debate
the artistic merits of the Poetry Slam;

or whether Daniel Dennett truly deflates
Chalmers’ Hard Problem of Consciousness:
if human subjectivity frustrates

The power of third person practices
that syphon truth from countless spurious claims.
I doubt it, but it sates my seething malice,

and dampens my inner  intolerant flames,
To play subtitles on my mind’s display,
where two esteemed and veritable names

like Wittgenstein and Popper, strain to say
they’re right, but cannot find a ground to broker
a peace between divisive, brilliant ways,

before they must resort to swinging pokers.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. peter litton
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 10:06:43

    Creo que la filosofía es aburrido y sobrevaluado. Estoy seguro de que la conversación niñas aunque lo mundano, era más interesante.


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