Canto LIX

I remember when Saturday night
meant The Big Fight Live, back in the nineties,
a golden crop of super middleweights—

Eubank, always confident and haughty,
made his entrance  to Simply the Best
and proved it, winning easy, winning dirty,

his RP affectations of respect
for all of his opponents, even Benn,
the guy I cheered on every time to knock

Chris Eubank to the ground. It never happened,
the record still stands at one loss one draw,
though the judges must ‘ve been ratarsed for that one.

We watched the walkovers, we watched the wars,
with beer we purchased at the dodgy offy,
until the action pissed off to Sky Sports

our heroes lost their edge, the tragedies
of Watson and McClennan tamed our calls
to beat the shit out of the other guy.

We watched our faded icons finally fall,
to Sugar Boy Malinga and Steve Collins,
and my teen angst required new role models

like Jim Morrison and Henry Rollins,
and though I’m now the poncey London bard
I still hear the ring announcer calling—

one time, while crossing Vauxhall Bridge I spied
a familiar figure, beard and corn rows, jogging
towards me so I called out “Go on David!”

and not finding my fanboy schtick annoying
he touched his fist to mine, said, “Nice one mate”
and vanished into the fog of January morning.

And just like that I knew I couldn’t wait
to tell the next person, then realised
that I was on my way to the old Tate

to attend a symposium on the Sublime.


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  1. peter litton
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 09:00:17

    I prefer the amateur boxing, head guards, three minute rounds and real skill.
    Nicola Adams winning Olympic gold, landing some wonderfully accurate punches.
    Fighting for equality and the joy of fighting.


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