Canto LXV

Sometimes, when running through the rain I feel
as if I’ve crossed a boundary between
the need to stay dry and the subtle pull

towards the element from which life came.
I must confess that I have felt the urge
to leap from clifftop, bridge or man made dam,

as if my body’s own waters have heard
the song of crashing waves beyond my skin
and will me on to leap so they can purge

these twee constraints of soft tissue and bone.
There is a point when we no longer feel
that sensation of wetness, such as when

we dive into the chilly swimming pool
or lower into a hot, steaming bath
as the room’s air attains an alien chill.

So, as I tread the muddy jogging path,
I think of Darwin’s quote about the bear
“swimming for hours with widely open mouth”

to catch insects and thus the bear appeared
to the great man as something like a whale,
and after a few million passing years

could become like one. So, as the rain falls,
more beast of burden than hunter of stealth,
I open up my mouth and let it fill,

and become something bigger than myself.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. peter litton
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 13:50:56

    Become something bigger than yourself…the whole history of human evolution behind you and I’m sure an important part of that was on the sea shore.


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