The biggest laugh that I’ve had recently
came from a comment underneath a blog
that queried how the left wing poetry

could pierce through the reactionary fog
surrounding the riots that broke out last summer.
Why don’t you ask the meanest, hooded thug

if he can explain in his street slang murmur
whether the mainstream and the avant garde
can bring all their opposing views together

in some Hegelian, synthesised accord.
And after he’s relieved you of your iPad,
your iPhone and your Cafe Nero card

but passed on your footwear, you won’t be sad
when, with a slap, he sends you on your way
back to your cosy, private rented pad

and the highbrow hearth of the academy.
You now possess some new weapons to fire
at the tum-te-tum formal hegemony—

you felt the people’s power. You were there!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. peter litton
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 18:51:34

    This aint no proletarian uprising demanding social justice for the down trodden masses. These are Thatchers children, right wing and as capitalist as any Tory banker. Illiterate and unloved they believe there is no such thing as society and that free market economics is P.C.World with the shutters torn down. Everybody is culpable.


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