No avant gard visionary could toss
a word salad like David Cameron has,
“We want strong regulation, but less…”

the next election won’t be for three years
and yet they battle for the centre ground
with platitude mantras for lazy ears.

I switch off the set and head into town,
I note pound shops, ever present, nothing new,
though irony still slowly trickles down—

the pawnbrokers they called “Cash 22”


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  1. peter litton
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 00:09:31

    Bang Said the Gun was brilliant last night. I wish I didn’t work nights and could get there more often.

    So if we don’t want to join in Cameron’s big society we have to prove that we are mad and if we want to opt out of the Tory plan we must be sane…sounds like “Cash 22”


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