On most days I meet two kinds of person—
the kind that prowl the supermarket aisles,
the same as I do, masking their aversions

to other people with occasional smiles
that blaze a bit then die like viruses,
but otherwise we’re all grumpy arseholes,

amidst refrigerated carcasses.
You bump into the other type online,
one hundred and forty characters

to express the void of character within,
and that includes my knowing philo-nods
and too-soon quips about Whitney Houston.

You cannot bring these two, distorted shards
together into some, well rounded whole.
Nor are they Noh masks that we should discard

to reveal our true selves to one and all.
We are the product of our wretched genes
distorted by the cognitive fishbowl

of our branded and bland environment.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. peter litton
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 01:06:58

    I’m sure that millions of people throughout the world are avidly following this poetry series…why is it left to me to make boring and irrelevant comments.

    I like the idea of… “occasional smiles that blaze a bit, then die like viruses”
    I also like the inclusion of Noh masks.

    Perhaps, the wish too appear as a grumpy old git is a last desperate attempt to appear cool and detached. 🙂


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