Stop the conflicts, stall the Leveson probe,
make falling Syrian shells freeze in mid air,
tell all of those shouty Greeks to stop,

tell Iran and Israel “Stop that Cold War!”
pause the famines, freeze the genocides,
halt the Tesco dole worker furore,

still the ice cap thaw and Murdoch’s lies,
so that the news channels can herald that
another poor celebrity has died

and all her famous friends are really sad.


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  2. Niall O'Sullivan
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 15:08:29

    Being that this poem may hit a few hot buttons, I should take an opportunity to clarify the point I’m making. The poem is not intended to disrespect the memory of Ms Houston, nor is it against the full broadcast of her funeral. It addresses the decision to devote uninterrupted coverage of it on our news channels at the expense of the many events happening around the world. If it had instead been broadcast on the entertainment channels or the red button, you wouldn’t have heard a peep from me. I probably would have praised the decision.


  3. peter litton
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 00:57:21

    A fine pastiche of W. H. Auden
    You’ve made this point before and I agree that news should be prioritised in order of importance. We live in an age of celebrity hype and, to a lot of people, the demise of some Hollywood celebrity is more important than a family wiped out by mortar fire whilst sheltering in a Syrian basement…this is sad.


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