Some virgin in a stupid hat and robe
seems to believe he’s an authority
on how two full grown adults share their love.

He also has some strong advice for any
women with the gall to harbour views
on what they should do with their own punanis.

Do I ask vegans if they have a clue
on how to tenderise a peppered steak?
Do I ask lions how to build igloos?

O Cardinal O’Brien, you’re the freak.
Your moral code’s cooked up by bronze age males.
We’re cooking up some rainbow wedding cake—

go swing that aspergillum someplace else.


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  1. peter litton
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 00:54:31

    A ranty poem but not ranty enough.

    It’s strange that a man whose message was for us to love one another and who mixed with all types of people and listened to their views should be associated with the Roman Catholic Church. An organisation that throughout its existence has persecuted and killed anybody who did not believe in its infallible (sic) doctrine. An organisation that was ready to sign a concordat with Nazi Germany and turn a blind eye to mass genocide in order to keep its wealth and power. An organisation that was prepared to cover up the acts of paedophile priests in order to protect its tarnished reputation.
    What right, what moral high ground gives you Cardinal O’Brien the right to lecture us.


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