One term stood out during the Pope’s address
this Easter morning, when he said that God
had come down and passed through this “mortal mesh”—

as if these bodies, where our selves are stored,
are like a sewage system or a seive
through which the soul’s ambrosia is poured.

Millions of mortal meshes tuned in live
to join the thousands cheering in the square.
A mesh. A tiny dash marked on a grave

between the chiseled dates and yet that’s where
all of this happens, at least to those
of us that feel the mesh is all we are

and see it as the greatest vanity
to think we are the centre of the show.
There’s nothing smaller than eternity

compared to the enormity of now.


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  1. peter litton
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 23:49:18

    There is always a word, a phrase or a stanza that catches my attention.
    The word vanity stood out because it so perfectly describes the Roman Catholic church.
    The final couplet struck me as a perfect truism. They promise eternity but ignore the absolute terminal reality of now.


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