The Author

Niall O’Sullivan was born in Slough of Irish parents back in the seventies. He studied Art in Bath, dropped out and spent the next decade working as a landscape gardener before involving himself full time in London’s poetry scene. He has been writing poems since he was a nipper and reading them to audiences throughout the UK and Europe since 1997.

Niall has released two full collections of poetry and a pamphlet with Flipped Eye: you’re not singing anymore(2004), Ventriloquism for Monkeys(2007) and Sonnet Hack(2010). His poem The Father in Law was highly commended by the judges of the 2008 Forward Prize and included in the 2009 Forward Book of Poetry.

In 2009, Niall featured on BBC Radio and Television as he wrote and performed poems for the Wimbledon Championships. He has recently been the resident poet of a housing estate for the South Kilburn Speaks project (in conjunction with The South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust and The Poetry School), and helped South London primary schoolchildren fuse poetry and philosophy with the Wonderwords project (in conjunction with Apples and Snakes and Creative Partnerships).

Niall runs workshops for adults and children for organisations such as The Poetry School, Apples and Snakes and the Arvon Foundation.

He currently hosts and organises Poetry Unplugged, London’s best known poetry open mic, at Covent Garden’s Poetry Cafe.

portrait of the artist as a thirty something man


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